After this storm that just slammed the Northeast, I am sure you were wishing you had a pair of galoshes as you head back to work on Monday.  You may or may not spend a lot of money on your shoes but I am sure you would like to get more mileage out of them regardless.  Protecting your shoes from puddles, snow, etc. is an essential step in making sure you don’t ruin them prematurely.  Galoshes are a perfect way to give you a layer of protection from everything that would normally wreak havoc on your soles.  Galoshes are also a great way to add some flair to your outfit by adding some pops of color.  I own the Swims brand galoshes, the camouflage ones, and I would recommend this brand.  They are easy to put on and they also give your shoes a buff when you wear them.  I went with the camouflage pair because they went with both my black and brown dress shoes.  I would advocate for going with a color scheme that can go with both brown and black shoes; navy, camouflage, orange and olive would be a good bet.

Frank Keefe
NYC based style consultant/blogger.